A harmonious relationship between music and art

The environment influences the creative process in which we find ourselves. Different lighting, colors on the walls, different smells, and different types of music evoke different feelings in us, and these sensory experiences infiltrate our creative process. The sensory effects of music influence our art process; I can observe how music affects my work and …

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The Oak Park Art League explores the relationship between art and music.

The ability to evoke an emotional response is something both visual art and music have in common. Artists and musicians create works that evoke emotion and change mood, evoke memories, and provide comfort and inspiration. Visual art and music have many parallels because they share aspects such as harmony, balance, rhythm, and repetition.The relationship between …


10 reasons why children need art and music

Art and music are essential for our children. Art and music are essential for our children. Whether children are exposed to them in school or through private or community classes and sessions, the benefits of art and music are enormous. Exposure to art and music provides more than just a creative outlet for children; it …