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Oktoberfest - Munich, Germany


The carnival of Venice and its traditional masks – Venice, Italy


Cannes Film Festival, France


St. Patrick's Day, Ireland


White Nights Festival in St. Petersburg, Russia


Tomorrowland in Belgium

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When you arrive in a nation that is completely foreign to you, we recommend that you bring with you the best energy, temperament, and mind to adapt to the unique and remarkable customs that you will encounter. You've got a golden opportunity here to have the time of your life. In order to have an outstanding experience, you must get engaged. Do as the Romans Do is an old saying that tells us to respect the norms, laws, beliefs, and practices of the country we're visiting by adapting our own behavior to fit in with those of the locals.

Spending on Festivals in Developing Countries

In developing countries, spending on festivals is a major part of the budget for most households. In Udaipur, 99 percent of the poor spend money on these celebrations. In South Africa, Pakistan, and Indonesia, the proportion is higher, at 90 percent and 50 percent respectively. In some Latin American countries, however, the poor do not spend much on festivals.

In rural India, for example geld lenen snel via spaarbuidel.nl, households spend 15 percent of their income on festivals and weddings. While this figure may seem small, it is significant in that it represents a significant portion of a poor household’s income. It is important to understand why these households spend so much money on these events, and to design policies and practices that encourage productive investments. By investing in children’s education, for instance, we can improve their chances of achieving a better life.

The theory of social capital, developed by Robert Putnam, can be applied to the study of festivals. It argues that cultural events can help combat social exclusion and promote community cohesion. According to Putnam, cultural events bring together diverse groups of people who may otherwise not meet. By examining social capital in this way, this study can help policymakers consider how cultural events can improve a community’s economic and social conditions.

Associating festivals with social inclusion and capital social concepts is a powerful way to study these events. According to Robert Putnam, cultural events can be effective catalysts for social integration and racial harmony. By studying three different festivals, we can see how this idea manifests itself in practice. The empirical data collected include interviews, questionnaires, and observations.

The study found that a poor household in Udaipur could spend as much as 30 percent more on food than it actually does on food. This could result in a healthier and happier family. Furthermore, it could prevent the need to go without food for a single day. Investing these saved funds could yield returns in the future.

Translating concepts in developing countries

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Translate or localize your blog?


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